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Concerning Violence: Franz Fanon spoken by Miss Lauryn Hill

Narrated by Ms Lauryn Hill, Concerning Violence is both an archive-driven documentary covering the most daring moments in the struggle for liberation in the Third World, as well as an exploration into the mechanisms of decolonization through text from Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth. Fanon’s landmark book, written over 50 years ago, is still a major tool for understanding and illuminating the neocolonialism happening today, as well as the violence and reactions against it.

Wednesday, May 13, 5-8pm
Concerning Violence / $10
SoleSpace / 1744 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 
*a total of 55 seats available 

Hosted by: 
MATATU FILM FESTIVAL (September 23-26)
In East African nations, matatu (Swahili) are privately owned minibuses or easily accessible share taxis. Often decorated with popular icons and sounds, matatu offer not only a means of travel, but access to another world. We are impassioned by the belief that everyone has a spectacular story regardless of age, geographical bounds, sexual preference, race, and socio-economic status and that story represents the sacred agreement among otherwise disparate communities. 

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